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S250 pre-coated galvanized strip steel
S250 pre-coated galvanized strip steel
S250 pre-coated galvanized strip steel
S250 pre-coated galvanized strip steel
S250 pre-coated galvanized strip steel
S250 pre-coated galvanized strip steel
S250 pre-coated galvanized strip steel
S250 pre-coated galvanized strip steel

275g/㎡ GI coil S280 pre-coated galvanized strip steel

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S280 pre-coated galvanized strip steel is a special treated strip steel product, its main feature is the pre-galvanized treatment in the production process.The main advantages of S250 pre-coated galvanized strip are its superior performance and wide range of applications.

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Zinc Coating


Coil Weight

3 - 7 ton per coil


Passivation,Fat liquoring,Stop-off lacquer


Full Hard HRB80-95
HRB50-71(CQ Grade),
HRB45-55(DQ Grade)

Tensile Strength

270-500(CQ Grade),
270-420(DQ Grade)

Yield Strength

140-300 (DQ Grade)

Elongation Percentage

22 (CQ Grade thickness less 0.7mm),
24 (DQ Grade thickness less 0.7mm)

Spangle coating

Large Spangles, Regular Spangles,Small Spangles,Zero Spangles


EN 10142,EN 10147,EN 10292,JIS G3302, ASTM A653/A653M, BQB 420


DX51D+Z,DX52D+Z,DX53D+Z,DX54D+Z,S220GD+Z,DX51D+Z/SGCC/A653/Automotive grade,etc

Surface Treatment

Passivation(C),Oiling(O),Lacquer sealing(L),Phosphating(P),Untreated(U)


Building , Corrugated sheet Roofing, electrical, Appliances, Automobile industry,
Transport Packaging ,Machinery processing ,Interior decoration , Medical


Standar export packages:
Inside: Anti-rust paper,Plastic.
Outside: Steel inner and outside guard board,Circle iron guard board for both side,
outside iron guard board, 3 Radial Strapping and 3 Latitude Strapping.
Or pack according to your requirements.


S280 Pre-coated galvanized strip is a specially treated strip product whose surface is pre-coated with a galvanized layer. This coating not only has excellent corrosion resistance, but also provides additional protection and decorative effects for the strip steel.

In the manufacturing process, the S280 pre-coated galvanized strip is first processed by a cold rolling process, so that the strip presents a flat surface. Then, a layer of zinc coating is evenly applied to the strip surface through a special coating equipment. This step ensures uniformity and adhesion of the galvanizing layer, thus providing better protection.

After the galvanized layer is formed on the strip surface, it can be further treated, such as cutting, drilling, bending, etc., to meet the needs of different industrial fields. Because the galvanized layer has good durability and corrosion resistance, S280 pre-coated galvanized strip steel is widely used in construction, automotive, home appliances and other industries for the production of various components and parts.

Compared with traditional galvanized strip, S280 pre-coated galvanized strip has higher quality and longer service life. Its surface smoothness is higher, reducing the difficulty of subsequent processing procedures, and also reducing production costs. In addition, the pre-coated galvanizing technology can also improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.

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